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The Ghost of Helags + Sibéri

Barkett Music Bar Berlin - Czeminskistraße 10, Berlin, Germany

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The Ghost Of Helags: a shy Scandinavian electronica-pop duo, filtered through Berlin grit. Everything started on top of The Mountains of Helags, located on the border between Sweden and Norway, where a paranormal experience led them to start making music.

The duo is the meeting of a singer and a producer who has worked with big acts in the past. As a band, they are very quiet, introverted and shy. They never speak on stage. Instead they choose to
communicate with the audience through dance and body language.

Sibéri / Сибэри: a one-man electronic pop music act. He creates compositions from fragments, simultaneously introverted and warm.



Czeminskistraße 10, Berlin, Germany (Anfahrtsplan)