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Barkett Music Bar Berlin - Czeminskistraße 10, Berlin, Germany

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BOX OF CHOCOLATES is a fresh Berlin indietronica duo. And just like chocolates in a box, every one of their handcrafted songs tastes yummy but different. Eff (vocals) and Loupoe (guitars) got the blues, pursue the punk, get serious with indie and ironic with new wave, they spread Zen and get out the ukulele for that warm and fuzzy folk feeling. There’s also a mysterious black box on board, alternately producing fat beats or sweet chocolates for the audience.

On May 3rd, BOX OF CHOCOLATES hit the mossy green stage at Barkett. With their program 2NESS, Eff and Loupoe explore questions of human connection and separation, togetherness and division. How far apart do we feel? How close can we get? Join them in their inquiry!



Czeminskistraße 10, Berlin, Germany (Anfahrtsplan)